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Our company CFD Carpets was founded in 2001 with its headquarters in Evosmos, on the Kyprou street 10 with Meandrou corner. Since then, it has been constantly equipped with new machinery, taking over carpets, lounges, mattresses, quilts, blankets, flocks, and even clothing of all kinds and leather goods. Along with investments in equipment, studies and tests of new detergents and detergents are carried out, aiming always at maximum cleanliness, respecting the colors and the material of the carpets, salons, etc., while at the same time all the cleaning materials used make sure they are hypoallergenic and antiallergic, respecting its clients, which may be families with children, the elderly, people with allergies, asthma, etc. These tests are based on studies and seminars of specialization in the field of cleaning in Greece and abroad (Italy, France, Germany, Netherlands), as the founders and the staff is always up to date with the latest developments in the industry and remain permanently with modernized. The result of the job is impressive and is constantly gaining new customers. Soon this increase in the clientele leads to the establishment of a second store in 51, Ithakis Street, Nea Politia, Evosmos. Nowadays, thanks to its good organization, the unsurpassed result and the very affordable prices, it has gained an impressive position on the market, with a clientele that extends throughout Northern Greece and with an ever-increasing course leading to the relocation of the headquarters to new ultramodern owned facilities with a much larger area (1,000 square meters) at the 13th km. Thessaloniki - Kilkis in Neochorouda, keeping both stores in Evosmos.



One of the reasons for the success of our company is the very good organization. The only thing you have to do is to get a phone and leave everything else to us. We follow a procedure with the following steps:

1. Receiving.

With a simple phone call you are scheduled and electronically booked the appointment to receive from your area, the day and time you serve. One of our vehicles will pick up your carpet and then we will give it a unique barcode that will accompany it until delivery to you. The carpet is then transported to our premises where it will be cleaned.

2. Cleaning process

The carpet is carefully controlled and before cleaning is shaken in a special machine to remove the dry dirt. Then separate it by type (silk / handmade woolen / machine / handmade / leather) and select the cleaning method. We then perform detailed and repeatable washing-rinsing on both sides, with our modern machines and excellent cleaning materials. Your carpets get a needle-like texture, a pleasant scent, while their colors are toned.

3. Dehydration (Drying)

After the washing process, each carpet is placed in a special centrifugal dryer that removes excess moisture without the risk of it scurrying or getting out of the way, while the fringes become spotless! Then it is spread out in a specially designed watertight space away from the dangerous sun radiation so as not to spoil their colors but to dry 100%.

4. Packaging and storage

At this stage, the carpet is wiped and thoroughly combed. ELECTRICALLY MEASURED DIMENSIONS and then placed in a specially shaped bag that leaves the carpet breathable. Storage is provided in specially designed areas, which are insured against fire, theft and flood, while there is a 24-hour coverage from a central monitoring station.



CFD in the field of cleaning is synonymous with organization and good quality. This is ensured by the constant expertise of staff, excellent materials and state-of-the-art equipment. In addition, it is at your disposal to resolve any questions you may have, always with the friendly service and courtesy of its staff.

We want every time we work together to be satisfied with our services to bring you this smile, as we have done over the years. At CDF, we know that it's easy for someone to get up, but to stay, he wants a steady quality, an effort to improve to make evolution, perseverance and patience. It is no coincidence that our customers are constantly growing for so many years. For our part, in order to stand worthy of this confidence, we constantly invest in new equipment and materials, and of course we do not rest on our acquired knowledge ...

Thank you very much for your preference and recommendations. We seek to continue this long-term relationship with you and become even bigger. We put, we put and we will always do our best to succeed.

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