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Sleep Imrovement

You can no not sleep well in the evening? Do you feel difficulty breathing and the atmosphere of the room heavy? You suffer from allergies and asthma? There are some simple things you can do to improve the quality of your sleep and really relax.

Most of us know what mites mean and what damage they cause to our human body and our health. Mites are microorganisms that live by the dead cells that the human body exudes and their ideal conditions of growth are moisture and lack of light. That's why something you can do to avoid developing so quickly is every few months and if the weather allows you to take your mattress into the sun. It also helps to turn your mattress and on the other hand occasionally so that it breathes better. In addition, it retains its shape better.

In no case does this replace a professional bio-cleaning, which treats the mites and all the harmful organisms in depth!

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