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What we do


Our specialized crew comes to your place (home or business) and undertakes the cleaning of lounge and armchairs.

Our living room, sofa beds and armchairs, is the space we spend most of our time daily at our home or office. It is the place where the guests sit at home, our animals and finally the place where our children play. Daily stains of use, exhaust gas, cigarette smoke create footshocks, stains and color deterioration. Most importantly, however, it creates contaminating microbial loads - bacteria, fungi, mites that fill allergenic droppings - that are growing rapidly. The throws do not protect us from all this. Therefore, dealing with them is not only aesthetic but also a health issue. You can read more about the importance of having a clean room for our health  h ere. 

CFD Carpets are next to you offering dry or wet biological cleansing to clean even the toughest stains, greatly reduce the microbial load from mites and dirt, rejuvenate the colors of your sofa or armchair and you can enjoy them again without fear. The procedure is done in your area with the appropriate machines with anti-allergy and hypoallergenic cleaners and with a method that varies depending on the type of fabric and the use. Let your living room be spotless and the drying time is short. Specialized applications are made in special materials such as leather, alcantar, nanobucket, suede etc.



Decontamination and rejuvenation of mattresses, for a more restful and healthy sleep.

Do you know that the layer you are sleeping is full of microorganisms such as mites, fungi and bacteria that constantly threaten your health? It is usually the No. 1 cause of allergies and asthma. This may be due to the fact that even if you are sleeping for several hours, in the morning you get up you do not feel more rested. For clean and sterile layers, one is the solution, CDF carpets! The process is simple and is done at your place. For truly permanent results we would advise you to clean every 6 months.



Really clean, with attention to the delicate, and gift the keeping of the current year!

With our experienced and qualified staff, we follow a process with the following steps:

1. Receiving.

With a simple phone call you are scheduled and electronically booked the appointment to receive from your area, the day and time you serve. One of our vehicles will pick up your carpet and then we will give it a unique barcode that will accompany it until delivery to you. The carpet is then transported to our premises where it will be cleaned.

2. Cleaning process

The carpet is carefully controlled and before cleaning is shaken in a special machine to remove the dry dirt. Then separate it by type (silk / handmade woolen / machine / handmade / leather) and select the cleaning method. We then perform detailed and repeatable washing-rinsing on both sides, with our modern machines and excellent cleaning materials. Your carpets get a needle-like texture, a pleasant scent, while their colors are toned.

3. Dehydration (Drying)

After the washing process, each carpet is placed in a special centrifugal dryer that removes excess moisture without the risk of it scurrying or getting out of the way, while the fringes become spotless! Then it is spread out in a specially designed watertight space away from the dangerous sun radiation so as not to spoil their colors but to dry 100%.

4. Packaging and storage

At this stage, the carpet is wiped and thoroughly combed. ELECTRICALLY MEASURED DIMENSIONS and then placed in a specially shaped bag that leaves the carpet breathable. Storage is provided in specially designed areas, which are insured against fire, theft and flood, while there is a 24-hour coverage from a central monitoring station.

You can calculate the cost of your carpets yourself by clicking  h ere!



Wet cleaning in duvets and blankets to remove unpleasant odors and stains. 

We take up blankets, quilts (even woolen or downhill), flocked. Even the toughest stains are removed, thanks to our ultra-modern machines and our excellent cleaners. All hypoallergenic and anti-allergic.

You can see the cost of the above by clicking  h ere!

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